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The Ramonkeys!

The Ramonkeys banded together when the founding members began smoking bananas and sniffing Gorilla Glue behind their cages at the Forest Hills Zoo. The original lineup consisted of singer Mighty Joey Ramonkey, bass player Chee Chee Ramonkey, lead guitarist Johnny Ramonkey and drummer Tarzan Ramonkey (who left after a few years and was replaced by Macaque Ramonkey). Later members included Richie, Elvis, CJ and Bubbles. The Ramonkeys were managed by Donkey Fields, who also managed Iggy Pup and the Pooches.

Visit the Ramonkeys MySpace page

Selected Discography


“Blitzkrieg Bonobo”
“Beat on My Chest”
“Judy is a Pongo”
“I Wanna Be Your Gorilla Friend”
“Barbary Affair”
“Tarzan’s Chainsaw Massacre”
“Now I Wanna Sniff Some Poo”
“Congolese Sun”
“Today Your Love, Tomorrow The Zoo”

Escape Zoo

“Glad to See You Go-Go-Gorilla”
“Gimme Gimme Sock Monkey”
“Ook Ook, I Love Her So”
“Suzy is a Chimpanzee”
“Now I Wanna Be A Great Ape”
“Bananas Not Poo”
“Congo Mango”
“You’re Gonna Kill That Squirrel”
 “You Should Never Have Opened That Cage Door”

Rocket to Rwanda

“Cromagnon Hop"
“Hair Today, Grown Tomorrow”
“Lance Link Love”
“Cheetah is a Punk Rocker”
“We're A Happy Barrel”
“Teenage Labonobo”
“Surfin’ Dog”
“I Can’t Eat Everything”

Road to Zoo-in

“I Just Want to Have Something to Monkey Do”
“I Want Eat Everything”
“Don’t Climb Close”
“Go Magilla”
“Eek’s The One”
“Bad Baboon”
“It’s A Long Way Back (to Daktari)”

End of the Chimpanzee

“Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Sock Monkey Shines”
“Darwin Says”
“Circus Rock”
“The Return of Konga and Koko”
“My Kenya Meerkat’s On Time”
“Baboon, I Love You”
“This Ain’t Africa”
“Rock ‘N’ Roll Humanzee”

Primate Dreams

“We Want The Ape Waves”
“All Quiet on the Eastern African Front”
“The K-K-King K-K-Kong Took My Baby Away”
“Don’t Congo”
“You Screech Like You’re Sick”
“Sheena’s Ape Station”
“You Didn’t Bring Any Termites To Me”
“This Bushmeat is Killing Me”
“Sitting in My Cage”

Neanderthal Jungle

“Little Bit of Mojo Jojo”
“Highest Trees Above”
“Pygmy Troopery”
“Tamarins Have Come Today”
"My-My Kind of a Gibbon"
“In the Cave”
“Every Time I Eat Termites I Think of You”


Other popular songs by the Ramonkeys include:

“Simian Giver”
“I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed/I Don’t Wanna Evolve”
“Chimp Suey”
“Baby Baboon Sitter”
“Howling At The Howling Monkey”
“I Believe in Monkeyshines”
“Bonobo Goes to Bitzburg”
“Primate Cemetery”
“Humanzee Kind”
“Making Man-Apes for My Friends”
“Somebody Put Something in My Chimp”

Joe Cahill
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