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Loren Cass poster

John Holmstrom's Acting Debut in Loren Cass

Chris Fuller, an independent filmmaker from St. Petersburg, Florida, recently put the finishing touches on Loren Cass. Fortunately, in making those finishing touches he forgot to edit out five of the most important seconds in cinema thisyear: John Holmstrom's big screen debut.

The plot of this "sunshine noir" flick has to do with adolescents coming to terms with their lives after the 1996 St. Petersburg riots. As you can see from the Gen-Z variation on 69 depicted in the poster to the left, that rite of passage has changed some in recent years.

Loren Cass will be making it's official U.S. premiere at the 9th annual Dennis Hopper CineVegas 2007. Dubbed "the World's Most Dangerous Film Festival" by somebody who probably didn't put a lot of thought into it, the festival will be held June 6-16th, 2007 in the Brenden Theatres at the Palms Casino Resort. Loren Cass screens Saturday, June 9th at 1:00pm (the premiere) & Sunday, June 10th at 7:30pm.GO TO THE LOREN CASS UPDATE

For complete info on the film, such as who came up with the term "sunshine noir," what makes the CineVegas show so dangerous, what those guys are doing in the poster, etc., go to
www.LorenCass.com. You'll also find a trailer for the movie.

See some scenes from the movie following this brief word from our sponsor...

lips from Loren Cass
Loren Cass focuses on youthful angst, social upheaval, and lips.
a nap from Loren Cass
This is a Southern thing. For some reason they like to have a snooze right in the middle of the road.
shoes from Loren Cass
Besides lips, another major focus of this film is shoes.
Holmstom in Loren Cass?
Is this one of John Holmstrom's five seconds of fame? No, it's just a shot from the Bosko party. (The lack of any tongue piercings was a clue, right?) No stills of John in the film were available at press time, so we had to improvise. In fact, as is probably pretty clear, I, your trusty Entertainment Editor, have no idea what Loren Cass is about, or even what the name means. But we figured it would be good to get this notice up right away anyway.

Loren Cass: John Holmstrom hams it up
Loren Cass: John Holmstrom hams it up


I have just been handed (in an electronic sense) these shocking pictures from the set of Loren Cass. At last we have an actual on-the-set look at Holmstrom in action. OK... maybe "action" is a little too strong.

Joe Cahill
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