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Loren Cass Update: Locarno
You read that right! The distinguished Editor/Publisher of Punk Magazine and Chief Executive Officer of this Website, John Holmstrom, will soon be displaying his acting talents in Europe. Loren Cass, which premiered recently in Las Vegas (see John Holmstrom's Acting Debut in Loren Cass for more on this) to rave reviews (see below) is now moving to one of the more important centers of World Cinema, after Hollywood, Bombay, Hong Kong and Mexico City: Europe. The occasion is the "official International Premiere in the prestigious Filmmakers of the Present Competition at the Locarno International Film Festival." Certainly, Locarno is a bit of a come-down after the cultural mecca that is Las Vegas, but it's better than disappearing altogether. [Fatwa implementers please note: we use "mecca" here in the metaphorical sense of the word, as per the Dictionary.com definition "(often lowercase) any place that many people visit or hope to visit."]

Loren Cass will be eligible for three awards including the Golden Leopard, the Cine Cinema Special Jury Prize, and the Leopard for First Film. The screenings are open to the public and the filmmakers will be in attendance. Visit the official Locarno International Film Festival website at http://www.pardo.ch for more details and tickets.

For more info on Loren Cass, go to
http://www.LorenCass.com and/or http://www.myspace.com/LorenCass.

See details regarding the festival following this brief word from our sponsor...


Friday, August 3rd in the Kursaal at 6:00pm (Press Screening)
Saturday, August 4th in the Auditorium Fevi at 6:30pm
Sunday, August 5th in the La Sala at 9:00am
Monday, August 6th in the Cinema Otello at 2:00pm

Variety.com Loren Cass reviewRAVE REVIEW #1

Here's a link to a review from Variety.com. I'll sum it up for you: the guy liked it. Here are my suggested pull quotes:

"commercially toxic"

"unspoken thoughts revealing deep reservoirs of pain and unfulfillment"

"a fascination with the portentous qualities of everyday life -- whether it's a nearly empty parking lot or Nicole's bedroom"

Slovakia Take Note
According to Alexa.com's rankings, PunkMagazine.com is a hit in Slovakia. As of the end of May, 13.6% of the traffic to this Site was coming from there, and we ranked #40,661 among all Websites.
To all Slovakian punks we hereby strongly suggest that you guys take a road trip to Locarno to root for our favorite son, John Holmstrom. Locarno is just a hop and a skip away from Slovakia, even by European standards. Just go to Germany and turn left -- you can't miss it.

By the way, Slovakians, we've noted a disturbing trend lately whereby the rankings for our Website in your country have dropped off precipitously. You now rank somewhere below Malta in traffic. So don't forget to take your iPhones with you to Locarno so you can not only keep up on the latest updates at PunkMagazine.com, but also restore Slovakia to its rightful place in the rankings.
Joe Cahill
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